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We live with, and are interested in, issues of labor and identity that lie at the intersection of femininity, body-type, and culture/migration. In this project we question the separation of opposing practices of the two spheres, home and society. Every workshop participant will have the opportunity to present in our final exhibition, with paid honorary fee. This functions to make the workshop accessible both to any working-class women* who would otherwise work that weekend,and to those who may need childcare support.


Sezer Dilan Zırhlı

Workshops & Concept


Güneş Doğan

Accounting and Finances


Sarah Wilhelmy

Coordination and Content Management


“We have to realize that the way out to get rid of the fears we feel is to write about these actually insignificant personal problems. Moreover, we must also realize that our problems do not belong to us and are not to be taken personally. When we talk about ourselves, we are also talking about others, because our problems, our pains, our joys, our feelings, even our extraordinary and remarkable thoughts cannot be our own,”

Doris Lessing, the Golden Notebook