09.09.2023, Final Event

Performances, Presentations, exhibition, DJ set

Brunnenpassage, Brunnengasse 71 / Yppenplatz

Program: 17:00 Opening of the exhibition 17:30 -18:15 talks Moderator: Iva Marković / Welcome speech: Deniz Güvensoy, Project director /Sezer Dilan Zirhli, Workshop Director & Artistic Concept Creator / Sarah Wilhelmy, Partnership Coordinator / Guest speaker: Jelena Micić, Artist, Wienwoche Festival artistic director

Performance Program: Anna Watzinger, (+support/assistance) "Rainbow Fashion" - liquid (female*) identities: "Which color/code matches my role/position/situation or mood (of today)?" Media/artist: Interactive work in progress dying textile workshop & related performative installation, Berenice Pahl “Out of the Oikos: Betty Stops Cooking“, Marina Leo Shamov “When somewhere there becomes somewhere here”, Musical Rap Performance” Zeynab Kirikou Gueye “Homecoming” Leo Lisa Begeré “Futter für die Mutter* DJ Setting : Belén Monó, 21:30-22:30

19.08-20.08.2023, Workshop#4

HERTA MÜLLER Zine-Workshop zu Wörter-Collagen / Zine Workshop with Word-Collages:

Fabrikraum Kunstverein

Inspired by the Herta Müller technique of "collage-poetic" writing, in this workshop, we will elevate word collages and writing with images into true poetic works of art - a combination of scissors and paper with profound meaning. We encounter words everywhere, and each one of them is capable of telling a whole story. We will cut out letters and words from newspapers, magazines, and advertising brochures together. With our life plans, experiences, and a feminist sense of design, we will set these fragments into new texts and compose captivating collages.

24.06.-25.06.2023, workshop#3


Guest tutor: Ana Castro Villegas @ana_castrov, mixed media and printing techniques Venue: Fabrikraum Kunstverein

17.06 - 18.06.2023, Workshop#2


Main tutor: Sezer Dilan Zirhli

Guest tutor: Viktoria Ratasich, @viktoria_ratasich

'feminist stitching workshop'

Venue support: Bundesvertretung der ÖH (Austrian Students Union)

Workshop #1 & Resilience & Care Performance Program

20-21st May 2023

Curator: Deniz Güvensoy

Artists: Zeynab Kirikou Gueye, anton_ie and Marina Leo Shamov

Performance and Lectures,

In these two performative evenings, which will follow the first workshop of the Das Goldene Buch project, we will experience three different performative approaches that engage art with activism. All interested in the issues of trans-inclusive, queer feminism, anti-war, anti-discriminatory activism, ecology, and more than human identities, the artists will present a set of variety of manifesting political and artistic expression. Following the workshop, Zeynab Kirikou Gueye will perform ‘Homecoming’, an artwork based on story-telling and a semi-hybrid DJ Set. Sharing the nuances of learning about belonging through their embodied experience of returning to Senegal, a place of their ancestry, they will question what power lies in a Black queer consciousness multiplied by racially distinct contexts. On our second evening, anto_nie will present a lecture, taking you a ride into the world of queer/coded villains, queer monstrosity, and its representation in horror movies. After that, Marina Leo will perform a rap performance “When somewhere there becomes somewhere here”, dealing with political oppression and queer resistance, based on the manifesto-songs of the Techno-Poetry cooperative, of which Marina is a member. The Resilience & Care performance program is supported by 15. Bezirk/Rudolfsheim