"The Golden Book" is the result of the essentially fragmented identities of women* who appear as a whole in official records such as "worker, friend, lover, active politician, artist, housewife, mother", etc. With great effort, we have to keep these subdivisions separate, but when this fails, something new emerges from the chaos of formlessness: The Golden Book! To explore this fragmentation, the participants developed an idea for a photocopy magazine in each workshop.

The final zine, ‘The Golden Book' is formed by the collective efforts of many women, addressing professional, personal, and social aspects of identity. The project culminates in a celebratory final event with art, performances, and discussions, showcasing the documented workshop journey and the final zine publication. The Golden Book is a cultural project funded by SHIFT, Basis Kultur Wien and organized by Fabrikraum Kultur und Kunstverein.